ئه‌ندازیارتوانا ته‌حسین

Engineer Twana T. Ismael

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 ئه‌ندازیارتوانا ته‌حسین

Engineer Twana T. Ismael

ده‌رباره‌ی ئێمه‌

About Me

Personal Details:                                                

Personal & Family:                                                                        

                           First Name: Twana                                              

                        Middle Name: Tahseen Ismael

Date of Birth: 30-11-1989

Place of Birth: Erbil – IRQ.

Marital Status: Single


 Home Address: IRQ. - Erbil- Gulan 2 Qr.           

                Tel.:  0750 420 10 26


Postal Address:

                            E-Mail: info@andazyartwana.com

Education and Qualifications:

- june/2012 Completed Civil / Dams and Water Resource  Department , College of Engineering , University of Salahaddin, Erbil-IRQ.
I have been on the Top Ten on my department .

- Project name:" Design of cross-section & slope stability analysis of Aquban & Shewasur Earth Dams"

        Supervisor: Assist.Prof. Faisal Daham


- I have a good background about Field work and laboratory.

- I have been working at Kar Company at Refinery Arbil Unit 4  from November   2012 and now I am still working there .
- I know about Survey works and I can use Total Station totally and I can use Civil 3D Land Development program .
- I have many presentations and experiences about (Civil works generally, All       components, stages and operations in “ Building “,Cutting and Backfilling and     Compacting Works,  Survey Works, Retaining Wall Works,  Foundation             works, Road and Traffic works , Pipe Network, Sewerage Works, All               components, stages and operations in “ Dams “ …etc).
- Speed in learning.

Computer Skills and Instrument:

- Windows 7 and XP

- Microsoft office power point

- Microsoft office excel

- Microsoft office word.

- Typing Kurdish & English

- Internet

- Engineering software (Civil 3D Land Development,  AutoCAD, Visual basic ,)

- Engineering Instruments (Level, Total Station)


Tel. : 07504201026

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You Can Call Me By This Phone Number :

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